51º Pulp and Paper International
Congress & Exhibition

Octorber 23th to 25th, 2018 | Transamérica Expo Center | São Paulo-SP | Brazil

Darcio fundo quadro ABTCP

Letter from the Director

Dear participants of the ABTCP EXPO

ABTCP has always been very close and willing to listen to the demands of the entire pulp and paper industry production chain. Therefore, we reconsidered the model we have traditionally adopted throughout the 50 years of this association in order to meet the interests of a larger number of companies. Please find below some important information:

2017 ABTCP: Because this year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our association, we chose a different format from the traditional. For greater comfort and convenience to participants, Hotel Unique/SP was chosen to hold this event.

In the Opening Ceremony, on October 23, at 5 pm, we will have a panel discussion with presidents of pulp and paper producers. The ceremony will be followed by a cocktail, where important sector executives will be able to talk and participate in the ABTCP anniversary celebrations.

The Technical Congress, held on October 24 and 25, will this year be led by Celso Foelkel and will have the participation of national and international Keynotes debating important topics on the industry of the future.

The traditional Confraternization Dinner, which will include tributes to professionals and the founding companies of ABTCP, will be the highlight of the event. This is the moment to celebrate with those who throughout the years have contributed to maintain the purpose of having a technical association at the service of the sector.

2018 ABTCP: As of 2018, the International Exhibition organized by ABTCP will be held biannually. With this change, we seek to have the participation of a greater number of companies, exhibitors and visitors, turning this into a highly relevant biannual event for disclosure of brands, technologies, equipment, and, most importantly, to strengthen relationships that create business deals.

The Technical Congress and other activities, as the Confraternization dinner and the Opening Ceremony, will still be annual, regardless of the exhibition.

In a recent survey conducted with exhibitors, we identified venue and format alternatives for the event. After negotiating with several pavilions, we chose to close the deal with Transamérica Expo Center. This deal will allow us to extend the benefits negotiated to exhibitors, especially those who participated as exhibitors in 2016.

In addition to that, we also partnered with a specialized booth assembly company so we can offer options of booths assembled at very attractive prices. For areas up to 48m², the price for the m² includes booth assembly costs. The exhibitor will have to choose among one of the three models available designed to fully meet your needs. With this, you avoid the work of having to follow both the project and the assembly, for which ABTCP will be responsible.

The meeting to choose the 2018 EXPO areas will be held on October 25, at Hotel Unique/SP. To participate in this meeting, we kindly ask the interested parties to contact our staff (relacionamento@abtcp.org.br). They will send you a more detailed material and clarification on the new rules.

Thank you for your attention.

Darcio Berni

Executive Director

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