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Instructions and criteria for choice of area


1.1 – Enjoy your rights as associates – of any category –, all associates must be in good standing as regards to payment of association fees. 

1.2 – Non-standard footage requests, i.e., exceeding the island and/or module sizes available in the event map will not be accepted. The company must initially occupy the island or island edge available. Exhibitors may only complement the footage with a space from another dismembered island in those cases where the desired footage isn’t available in a single island.

1.3 – After November 08, 2017 – the deadline to confirm the reservation of an area chosen at the meeting – ABTCP may dismember and/or join the remaining area spaces.

1.4 – Changes of area is allowed, subject to area availability.

Note: Non-confirmed areas will be put available in the updated event map at www.abtcp2018.org.br. Area change requests will be met by order of arrival. These requests must be sent via e-mail. 

1.5 – Area reservation confirmation will be subject to the following conditions: 

Contract delivery: completed and signed, within the agreed time frame, at ABTCP headquarters, in two copies or by e-mail. The scanned contracts, sent by e-mail, will also be returned scanned, by e-mail.;

Down payment (15% of total price): negotiable - depending on the closing period of the area.

Obs: Down payment is made via a bank-issued invoice sent by to the exhibitor by ABTCP.

Note: ABTCP will put available for sale those areas reserved by exhibitors who failed to comply with area reservation confirmation conditions.

1.6 – The *area square meter price corresponds to the free area. Assembly, decoration, electricity, cleaning and government fee expenses are borne by the exhibitor. 

1.7 – To reduce exhibitors’ costs for participating in the event, thus optimizing their results, in 2018 ABTCP will partner with the specialized company KSK to offer 03 pre-established **assembly options (Bronze, Silver and Gold - models and descriptions are provided in the attached material. Annex I will be an integral part of the area contract). This way, exhibitors may choose from the 03 models available for areas of up to 48m2. These 03 models may be customized in the colors of the company and may contain additional decoration elements and small changes, provided that the chosen assembly model isn’t disfigured (additional items/small changes must be negotiated directly with KSK). Areas exceeding 49m2 will be under a free area contract scheme. In this case, the exhibitor may choose to hire another company to assemble the booth and/or choose one of the models offered for areas of up to 48m2 – following the project and assembly presentation rules defined in the exhibitor’s manual. 

1.8 – In a recent survey conducted with exhibitors, we identified venue and format alternatives for the event. After negotiating with several pavilions, we chose to close the deal with Transamérica Expo Center. This deal will allow us to extend the benefits negotiated to exhibitors, especially those who participated as exhibitors in 2016.

The companies that participated in the 2016 ABTCP as exhibitors and that reserved their spaces on October 25 – subject to all criteria and reservation confirmation deadlines – paid the same price for the square meter paid in 2016, according to the terms of payment chosen at the occasion.

1.9 – As of 2018, the International Exhibition organized by ABTCP will be held biannually. With this change, we seek to have the participation of a greater number of companies, exhibitors and visitors, turning this into a highly relevant biannual event for disclosure of brands, technologies, equipment, and, most importantly, to strengthen relationships that create business deals. The Technical Congress and other activities, as the Confraternization dinner and the Opening Ceremony, will still be annual, regardless of the exhibition.

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